People enjoy chocolate because of how it melts in their mouths.

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Get ready for a new wave of upscale, healthful chocolates.

Researchers at the University of Leeds in England claim to have discovered the secret to why so many people find chocolate to be so tempting.

In a recent study that was published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, they presented their findings.

According to the study, the way chocolate tends to melt in our mouths plays a significant role in the appetite.

After analyzing each mechanical stage of the chocolate-eating process, they came to this conclusion.

According to their study’s findings, one of the main reasons why people enjoy chocolate is the way it tastes and feels in their mouths as the fat in its outermost layers dissolves during chewing.

Therefore, the satisfaction we experience after eating chocolate is primarily a result of how our tongue and salivary glands or saliva react to the chocolate’s fat content.

The researchers also came to the conclusion that the amount of fat found farther inside the chocolate plays a relatively little function and could be reduced without affecting how the chocolate feels or tastes.

Simply put, the amount of chocolate fat that first contacts our taste buds has a much greater impact on how satisfied we are overall than any of the fat content found in the deeper layers.