The Disruption AI And ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence Series 3 Of 5 Will Bring To Education In The Future

The educational sector is unprepared for how AI and LLM (large language models, like ChatGPT), will significantly alter education.

Education systems are bureaucratic and sluggish to change. To embrace this new era of learning, innovation will be required sooner rather than later. Text-generating applications, however, will permanently change education. One thousand college students in the United States were polled, and it was discovered that close to one-third of them had used the AI chatbot ChatGPT to finish written homework projects, and that close to 60% of them utilized it on more than half of their work.

In the upcoming months (not years), as students become more aware of how to use this loophole for assignments, this number will rise dramatically, and educational institutions are not prepared. There are websites that can determine whether written documents were generated automatically, such ChatGPT.

Similar to how the calculator was easily adopted into math courses, educational systems must incorporate AI into teaching and learning. The calculator, once a ground-breaking device, is now a standard in schools and helps kids learn arithmetic more effectively. In a similar vein, AI must be utilized as a crucial tool that is needed for developing a workforce that is prepared for the future.