Why companies are hiring so quickly even as a recession looms

1. Companies are hiring because they need employees now more than ever before. In fact, many companies have been hiring at a rate of 20% per month over the past few years. There are several reasons why companies are hiring so quickly. First, the unemployment rate is currently at 9%, meaning that there are plenty of people looking for jobs. Second, companies are seeing record profits and are therefore willing to pay higher wages to attract top talent. Third, companies are struggling to find qualified candidates who meet their specific requirements. Fourth, companies are trying to fill positions that require specialized skillsets that are difficult to find. Finally, companies are offering competitive compensation packages to entice potential hires.

2. Companies are hiring because of the current economic climate. Many companies are suffering from a lack of skilled labor due to the recent recession. As a result, companies are having trouble filling open positions. Furthermore, some companies are experiencing a shortage of qualified employees. Therefore, these companies are taking advantage of the current situation by offering attractive compensation packages to lure talented workers.

3. Companies are hiring because there is a demand for their products and services. Businesses are constantly searching for ways to improve their bottom line. One way to do this is to increase sales. Another way is to reduce costs. A third way is to hire more employees. These three methods work together to create a positive cycle where businesses are able to make money while simultaneously increasing productivity.

4. Companies are hiring because the economy is recovering. Even though the economy is still struggling, many companies are beginning to see a recovery. As a result, they are starting to hire again. However, companies are not just hiring back their regular workforce; they are also hiring temporary workers and contract workers. Temporary workers are hired to help out with short-term projects, whereas contract workers are hired to provide additional manpower for long-term projects.

5. Companies are hiring because technology makes it easier to find qualified applicants. Technology has changed the job market in a big way. Today, employers can easily search for prospective employees using online databases. Additionally, recruiters can use social networking sites to find qualified candidates. As a result, there are fewer barriers to finding qualified applicants.

6. Companies are hiring because competition is fierce. Competition is always tough in any industry, but especially in the job market. Companies are competing for the best talent by offering competitive compensation packages and excellent working conditions. If a company cannot compete for the best talent, then it may struggle to stay afloat.

7. Companies are hiring because it’s good business. Companies are always looking for ways to save money. One way to do so is to cut expenses. Another way is to increase revenue. A third way is by hiring more employees. By doing so, companies can generate more profit and ultimately become more successful.

8. Companies are hiring because their competitors are hiring. When a competitor is hiring, it sends a message to the rest of the market about what kind of employee they want. This helps companies decide whether or not they should start recruiting as well.

9. Companies are hiring because companies are hiring. Because companies are hiring, it means that there are plenty of opportunities out there. People are always looking for jobs, so if a company is hiring, then there is no reason for them to look elsewhere.

10. Companies are hiring because people are unemployed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate was 9.0% in October 2012. That number has since dropped to 8.3%. However, the BLS does not account for those who are underemployed. Underemployment refers to individuals who are either unemployed or employed in a position that does not match their skill set. The BLS estimates that approximately 14 million Americans are underemployeds.

11. Companies are hiring because young adults are graduating college. Young adults are entering the job market in droves. In 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that there were nearly 1.5 million 18-to-24 year olds enrolled in colleges and universities. This number has increased by almost 400,000 since 2000.

12. Companies are hiring because older adults are retiring. Older adults are increasingly choosing to retire early. According to the Social Security Administration, there were approximately 7.6 million retired Americans in 2011. That number is expected to reach 11.1 million by 2020.

13. Companies are hiring because baby boomers are reaching retirement age. Baby boomers are a huge demographic in the United States. The number of people born between 1946 and 1964 will soon surpass the number of people born between 1928 and 1945. As a result, the number of retirees is expected to rise dramatically within the next decade.

14. Companies are hiring because immigrants are coming to the United States. Immigrants are making their way to the United States in record numbers. Between 2005 and 2009, the number of legal permanent residents grew by 40 percent. In addition, the number of naturalized citizens rose by 30 percent during the same time period.